Hoover Dam

22’h x 60’l x 18‘w

The colossal and dazzlingly designed Hoover Dam unit comes complete with the extended slide bringing its total length to more than 55 foot long.  With a double lane slide, splash pool, and reaching up to over 20 foot in the air, this unit is one of our most sought after attractions and definitely delivers the wow factor as well as great merriment.

Purple Rain

22’h x 60’l x 18‘w

The Purple Rain features a 22 foot tall dual lane water slide connected to an extended slip and slide ending in a splash pool.  This unit has safety features such as large side walls, climbing ladder with hand grips as well as a net covering at the top.  The cool purple and blue color scheme is a great contrast to a green lawn in the bright summer sun.  “…only want to see you laughing in the Purple Rain”.

Desert Oasis

22’h x 32’l x 16‘w

This unique western themed waterslide showcases desert colors and cacti while containing the splash pool oasis to cool away the heat.  Perfect for your Louisiana cowboys and cowgirls, the 22 foot tall double slide is sure to attract a crowd and deliver the fun.  Huge splash pool, secure mesh netting, hand holds, and walled ladder climb are all safety features for this unit.


20’h x 37’l x 14‘w

Double the fun of your event, party or festival with the 20 foot Patriot Water Slide.  Dual slides mean that two riders get to go down at the same time and everyone will love the eye-catching red, white and blue color scheme. This unit is loaded with safety features, including an attached ladder for easy access, a mesh covering at the top, tall side bumpers, and a splash pool at the bottom for the perfect catch and release.  

Emerald Wave

20’h x 36’l x 12‘w

One of our most popular attractions, the 20 foot Emerald Wave Water Slide is very fast with a large pool.  The cool green and blue color scheme with cresting waves is a splashing illustration that summer fun has arrived. This unit has safety features such as large side walls, climbing ladder with hand grips as well as a net covering at the top. High speed wet fun awaits with this amazing water slide.

Heat Wave

18’h x 32’l x 11‘w

The Heat Wave, with its ‘fire and ice’ appearance is one of our most appealing units.  At 18 foot tall, this slide is great for the older kids while still engaging the younger as well.  Splash pool, mesh netting, hand holds and secure climbing ladder contribute to a safe, enjoyable occasion.


18’h x 32’l x 11‘w

What could be better than celebrating summer right with the 18 foot Rainbow Water Slide?  Sturdy and safe, this water slide includes tall side bumpers, attached ladder for easy access, and a mesh tarp at the top. The splash pool at the bottom is fun and makes the slide safer, too.  Splash some color into your next event with this popular unit.


18’h x 29’l x 13‘w

Climb the ladder to reach the water cannon at top, and slide down the plank. Kids are going to love this water slide.  With a detailed pirate ship theme that includes inflatable pirate flags, this water slide will kick off your summer event in style. The unit includes tall side bumpers, a fully attached ladder, and a mesh tarp at the top for safety. The wide splash pool at the bottom is a blast for you to enjoy the fun, matey.

Fast Lane

18’h x 32’l x 11‘w

Cool off from the heat with this fun and exciting fast lane water slide with large splash pool.  Unit includes high inflatable side walls for the climb as well as an enclosed staging area at the top.  Slide is wide and fast and riders accelerate to the splashing conclusion at the bottom.  Hours of fun to be had by all with this very popular summer attraction.

Twin Fire

18’h x 27’l x 17‘w

The Twin Fire dual lane waterslide is sure to be a hit at your summer party.  Complete with safety features such as non-slip surfaces, a mesh top covering for the staging area, and tall side bumpers, this unit allows twice the action with its two sliding lanes and splash pool.  Sit back and watch the fun… or join in and beat the heat with the Twin Fire.


16’h x 28’l x 11‘w

Watermelons are a great way to break away from the summer heat!  This Watermelon waterslide embraces the delight of the cool, refreshing melon as it delivers amusement to your yard.  The top has a protective mesh covering while the ladder has tall side walls with secure hand holds.


16’h x 28’l x 11‘w

One of the most popular waterslides is always the cool blue Dolphin waterslide.  Sit back and relax while you let the kids enjoy the entertainment provided by this attraction, or climb on up and take a whirl for yourself!  Secure hand and foot holds on the climb lead to a large platform at the top covered with mesh netting which gives way to an exciting slide into a large splash pool.

Fiesta Breeze

16’h x 28’l x 11‘w

Party time is a breeze with this cool slide for fun in the sun.  Hours of splashing good times.  Safety features include an attached climbing ladder with hand grips, tall side walls, mesh netting at the top, and a splash pool. 

Gold Rush

16’h x 28’l x 11‘w

A great water slide to beat the heat and entertain with hours of fun.  This unit sparkling unit is equipped with safety walls for the climb and netting at the top of the slide.   Great wet fun awaits all those who dip in to pan for gold.

Toxic Wave

14’h x 25’l x 11‘w

Let the Toxic Wave wash away the boredom.  This smaller sized slide delivers big sized amusement and is perfect for the little ones.  Complete with a splash pool, protective mesh guard at the top and secure hand holds for the climbing ladder, this slide is a great value for great fun.

Palm Tree

14’h x 30’l x 12‘w

Kicks and Giggles take your party to Bikini Bottom for a tropical Island adventure!  Its unique vinyl design gives the effect of being on an island, while the palm trees guide the slider into a pool at the end of the slide.  The unit has rear entry and slide is extra wide to ensure safety and fun for all participants.

Purple Haze Water Combo

15’h x 25’l x 13‘w

“Excuse me while I hit the slide” with the Purple Haze water combo.  With its cool color pallet and tropical trees, this unit is a super groovy addition you your party plans.  Mesh windows allow you to watch them bounce, jump and play on the basketball hoop before climbing up and taking a trip down the waterslide and into the splash pool.   Make your reservation early to avoid ‘crosstown traffic’.

Jr. Water Combo

15’h x 25’l x 13‘w

The best of both worlds for the little ones!  A jumping good time in the bounce house is followed by a gentle slide into the splash pool.  Perfect for young energetic children, this unit can be customized with one of our many available themes.


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